Quick Tip #10

Although Asda have upset me this week with their poor substitutions I do still have some praise left for them and their new “student shopper cards”. (Besides the substitution was my own fault really). If you have generous parents who are willing to still feed you whilst you’re away from home and want to make … Continue reading

Super speedy stroganoff

If you’re anything like me and probably most students around, the one meat you’ll find yourself eating almost constantly is chicken. It’s cheap, cheerful and you can do pretty much anything with it. It also takes hardly any time to cook. However, this week I decided rather than go for the usual, I’d treat to … Continue reading

Quick Tip #9

More free stuff! And what student doesn’t love freebies? These two blogs ran via Twitter and Facebook couldn’t be better for them. Over the past few weeks I’ve found countless deals and freebies with no catch. There just blogs, ran by students for students – and give you a run down, every week or even … Continue reading

Quick Tip #8

This tip comes courtesy of Sainsbury’s twitter feed. As I eat rice on a majorly regular basis I’m always looking for new ways to make it more exciting and tasty and thanks for the brilliance of twitter I found a little tip that adds flavour and colour to my meal in an instant. By adding … Continue reading

Quick Tip #7

So yet again, it’s nearing the end of term and I decided rather than break my back carrying my shopping I’d do one last online shop before I go home. So I ordered pretty much everything I could think I might need for the last few weeks of uni – including a couple of treats; … Continue reading

Everyone loves;

A quick and easy recipe. So you’ve been at uni all day, you’re tired and the last thing on your mind is cooking – but your starving hungry and although the takeaway menus are calling you know that if you spend your last pennies on a takeaway you can say goodbye to a night out … Continue reading

Home comforts

I always thought I’d be one of those kids that doesn’t miss home. Whenever I would go off on a school residential my parents would wave me goodbye and you could almost guarantee I would be one of few who wasn’t in floods of tears. When it came to going to university however, it suddenly … Continue reading

Quick Tip #6

So, it’s the end of term and the only thing you’ve managed to find at the back of your cupboard is a tin of soup and the usual staple diet foods – pasta, rice, tinned tomatoes etc. you know the drill… A tasty, filling meal couldn’t seem further away – and the thought of soup … Continue reading

Quick tip #5

I’ve recently become pretty lazy when it comes to food shopping and since I’ve found myself on a budget I decided to do a Tesco’s online shop – (granted not as cheap as Asda, just so you know). But one thing I did find was that despite where you do your online shop, it’s really … Continue reading

Quick tip #4

Eggs! Last week poverty struck. I’d spent a little more than I should on nights out and found myself spending far too much money, far too quickly. The result: one very empty fridge which I had no desire or motivation to fill. Shopping at the best of times can be a hassle so I decided … Continue reading